As a company, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of produced waste.

We want to do more than use recycled paper and save electricity or water because this is the norm for us. Our goal is to inspire the ski community to care and think about the environment. Because we care about the environmental impact of the production of our skis, we source all the materials needed for the skis from responsible sources. We buy wood only from FSC-certified sawmills to ensure that the wood has been harvested, processed, and sold responsibly and ethically.

House in the mountains
House in the mountains

During the production of our skis, we make sure to use sustainable products that do not violate the ecological balance, such as organic resin.

The 6012 SYSTEM, which we use in the production process of our skis, consists of EPIDIANĀ® 6012, a mixture of epoxy resin, active diluent and the HARDENERĀ® 6012 (a combination of polyaminoamide and aliphatic amines, produced with a 65 per cent carbon content of plant origin). Both formulations are environmentally friendly and, at the same time, have such properties as high mechanical strength, brilliant adhesive properties of elements from different materials combined in one product, and chemical resistance to the marine environment. We use recycled aluminium for the production of the ski poles.

We are convinced that our responsibility for the skis does not end when we hand them over to the user.

We are running two projects aimed at recycling used skis of our brand. During the most popular Black Friday sales campaign, we offer our customers a discount on skis from the new collection, provided they give us used Majesty skis back. Black Friday Re//defined is our way of showing ski users it is worth looking for such opportunities that give more than one benefit. Black Friday Re//defined is a tangible financial benefit for the user, satisfaction from responsible action, and less waste for the environment. The skis acquired during Black Friday Re//defined are donated to the participants of the ski Re//defined competition. The participants' task is to prepare a design of a utility item using used skis. Projects with the highest performance, aesthetics and maximum use of skis are implemented by the participants and evaluated by the Selection Board. The creators of the three best designs receive cash prizes. We present the implemented projects to a wide audience in public space during Gdynia Design Days.

House in the mountains
House in the mountains

In addition to minimizing the impact of our production on the environment, we care about restoring the resource which is wood.

Every year at Skis4Trees, we buy seedlings and plant trees, the number of which corresponds to the number of pairs of skis sold. In this way, in consultation with specialists, we take care of the restoration of the forests.

In every area of our business, we strive to introduce solutions that support the natural environment.

We have designed our exhibition stand as a reusable modular system, so it is lightweight, easy to assemble and does not require dedicated transport. For its production, we used recyclable aluminium and put recycled rubber on the floor. We have minimized power consumption by using energy-efficient, well-planned LED lighting.

We believe that every environmental action is enormously significant. Responsible thinking about the planet's future can not only be the domain of individuals but should be a joint action of manufacturers and ski users.

House in the mountains